>>Trimaster: October 2021 Favorites

Here are my favorite workouts from this month! Let me know how they go in the comments. ๐Ÿ™‚
I’ve also included some of the loves & hates.

The Broken Ladder Swim (1hr15min total time):

Main Set:
5 x 100m Alternating Drill/Free by 25m (20″ rest)
3 x 100m @ Threshold Pace (20″ rest)
300m @ Threshold Pace with Paddles (20″ rest)
4 x 100m @ Threshold Pace (20″ rest)
400m @ Threshold Pace with Paddles (20″ rest)
3 x 100m @ Threshold Pace (20″ rest)
300m @ Threshold Pace with Paddles (20″ rest)
5 x 100m @ Smooth Pace (20″ rest)
400m @ Choice

Building that shoulder & triceps strength with the paddles!
Getting faster as the set goes – heaven knows how this works but it’s pretty cool.

5 x 100m @ Smooth Pace – after going fast the entire session, at this stage you just want to be done with this 3.4km set.
When you get a poor TrainX score (courtesy of TriDot) for going faster…

The Stamina Bike Set (4hr30min total time):

Main Set:
30′ @ Endurance Effort
3 x 10′ (5′ rest) @ Threshold Effort (10′ rest)
10 x 10′ (2′ rest) @ Tempo Effort

Balance of Time @ Endurance Effort

Thresholds are awesome – because they’re a bit less time than a normal threshold set… haha
This set keeps the mind going for the amount of time you have to sit on the saddle.

Well… 10 x 10 minutes is a HUGE block of time when you add it up. I guess the plus is the 20min of rest in between?
Trying to fuel for this monster is a mission!

The Progression Run (1hr15min total time):

Main Set:
36′ Progression Run
> 12′ @ Endurance Pace
> 12′ @ Marathon Pace
> 12′ @ Threshold Pace
Balance of time @ Endurance Pace

Teaching the muscles to go from slow to fast is easy – the brain isn’t that easy to convince but this set helps ๐Ÿ™‚
Holding the pace whilst adjusting to gradient is fun to work with.

Since there’s no rest ANYWHERE… it’s obvious that the threshold pace sucks whether its a flat stretch of road or not.
The balance of time at Endurance feels like forever!

These programs are provided for by Infinitude Multisport Coaching using TriDot Training System – feel free to contact Louise (louise@infinitudecoaching.com) to get your own!

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