Trimaster Corporation

To begin our pursuit of Triathlon Mastery, we are doing fundraisers in the form of the following:

  • Everesting Cycle Challenge - Dec. 2021
  • 'Everesting' Swim Challenge - Mar. 2022
  • Everesting Run Challenge - Jun. 2022
  • SPECIAL EVENT - October 2022

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About Trimaster

Founded & conceptualized by Jarryd Irvine and Louise Strydom with a desire to achieve something unheard of in South Africa. There are massive feats of endurance achieved by triathletes all around the globe. We're not doing this for the feats of endurance, we're doing this to make a difference!

Event Participation

All our build-up events are open for any athletes keen to join! Checkout the latest upcoming events below.



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