>>Trimaster: Favorites from Old-Year to New-Year!

3 of the best between December 2021 & January 2022

If you manage to do these, let me know how they go in the comments.
Please do about 10 mins warm-up before you get going 🙂
I’ve included some of the loves & hates – hope they will add some value to your training!

Threshold 150’s (1hr15min total time):

Main Set:
3 x 50m Build to FAST (25″ Rest)
4 x 150m @ Threshold (20″ Rest)
3 x 50m Build to FAST (25″ Rest)
3 x 150m @ Threshold (15″ Rest)
3 x 50m Build to FAST (25″ Rest)
2 x 350m @ Easy (20″ Rest)

Okay what was super cool about this was that as I got more tired & into the set, I actually got faster!

The hate was that the day after this session I ended-up tearing my hand open so ended up swimming with a latex glove for the next 3 weeks.

Threshold Intervals (1hr total time):

Main Set:
2 x 18′ @ Threshold/Zone 4 Effort (2′ Rest)

Balance of Time @ Endurance Effort

This is a super high-quality, low-time session. I was surprised at how quick the 18 mins went… BUT I sweated like I had a tap leaking on my head.

I don’t like not being able to focus when I have a bunch of work on my mind. So I had no ‘hate’ with the session but had a lot on my mind & stressed me out while I was busy.

Threshold Repeats (1hr10min total time):

Main Set:
2 x 9′ @ Threshold/Zone 4 Effort (2′ Rest)
Balance of time @ Endurance Pace

When I started with these I would get about 4-5 mins to hold & I would suffer. It’s good to be running faster & holding it for almost double the time.

These are just not easy. At all. No matter how much better you get at handling the effort, it never feels easy.

These programs are provided for by Infinitude Multisport Coaching using TriDot Training System – feel free to contact Louise (louise@infinitudecoaching.com) to get your own!

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