Trimaster Fundraisers: Where does the money go?

At Trimaster Corp. was established to make a difference together.

Our multi-impact model distributes funds raised to organizations that benefit humans around South Africa with the programs & initiatives they’ve established.

We are striving to raise R1 per person in South Africa because mental health impacts everybody directly, indirectly & without discrimination.

Key Objectives for 2023

We’ve just gotten started with our fundraising activities in 2022. In 2023 we hope to see the following key objectives achieved:

  • Establish a research team
  • Fund research at academic institutions focusing on the implications of exercise on mental health
  • Managing extreme endurance events
  • Creating & distributing mental health advocacy resources
  • Implement community-based programs to mitigate mental health risk

Who Is Leading These Initiatives?

Jarryd Irvine (above), is the founder & managing director of Trimaster Corp. He both organizes & participates in these extreme endurance events in the pursuit of better understanding mental health.

He also wishes to inspire others to overcome their physical, mental, emotional & business challenges they face.

He is working towards the Everesting Run Challenge #trimasterERC in October 2022 for Mental Health Awareness month to bring people who found physical training as a way to alleviate mental distress together.

He shares the following understanding of physical conditioning:

It is not a silver bullet to manage mental health conditions. Much of the literature points to it being a key factor in constructively guiding biological processes into a state of well-being. Exercise has potential to optimize the following: circadian rhythms (sleep patterns); alertness & relaxation; natural hormonal boosts of adrenalin, noradrenalin, dopamine & serotonin; functional adaptability; & much more.

Jarryd Irvine

Partner Organisations & Beneficiaries of Trimaster Corp. Efforts:

If you have any questions, feel free to email us here.

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