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Have you ever endured through a physical, emotional, financial or legal battle? Whether you were ill or abused, broke or did something wrong, you must have experienced some mental strain, right?

Whatever it was, the mental battle was probably greater than dealing with the circumstance. Did you have the tools or resources to manage this battle? If not, this is the reason we have established Trimaster Corp.

We being:

  • Jarryd Irvine (Founder)
  • Louise Strydom (Founder)
  • Wesley Williams (Director)
  • Sarah Jacobsz (Director)
  • Jacky van Heerden (Director)

What do we have in common? We all love endurance sports – swimming, cycling, running, triathlon-ing, etc.!

We’ve all recognized the cognitive impact these sports have had on our bodies and minds. Unfortunately, there is very little academic research done in this field AND very few valuable or cost-effective resources available for athletes to achieve their full potential in endurance training and/or racing.

We plan to bring these resources to you by facilitating intense endurance-sport challenges to collect valuable data to help us see what the impact of endurance sport is on both mental health and cognitive awareness. In addition, we’re raising funds through these challenges to make a meaningful impact towards other organizations that we decide to partner with.

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Best in Trimastery,
Jarryd Irvine (@trimaster_01)

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