Everesting Cycle Challenge

This is our first official fundraising event!

Our focus is all on Mental Well-Being – view our latest blog posts >>here. Thanks to the SA Federation for Mental Health, Sea Rescue, & Qhubeka Charity for teaming-up with us on this.


  • Location: Virtual Event using RGT Cycling (so YOU can do this ANYWHERE!)
  • Requirement: Get your bicycle, nutrition, support team & get ready to do the Quarter (2212m), the Half (4424m) or Full (8848m) elevation of Mt. Everest!
  • Start Time: 5:00am Sharp
  • End Time: 5:00am the next day (24hrs to complete!)

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We’re working with Infinitude Coaching & ActualiseYOU to help you achieve this without negatively impacting your physical (or mental health).

During the LiveStream, we will be calling in Participants & Pledgers to hear what they have to say about Mental Health – their struggles, how they’ve overcome them, & what their vision for the future is!

Register for this event below:

*By registering, you also have an opportunity to share your story on our livestream on 20th February 2022.

(Elevation gain goals from 1 strava segment: Half = 4424m OR Full = 8848m. If you pledge, you agree to receive an invoice from Trimaster Corp. NPC for the pledged amount after the completion of the event.)
It will be great to do virtual calls with participants while we're busy with the ride, so make sure you've got some good cellular/WiFi reception!
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Feb 20 - 21 2022


Participants will have 24hrs to complete the full challenge!
All Day




Virtual Event
Jarryd Irvine


Jarryd Irvine
072 850 9567

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