Terms and Conditions

For Athletes

You commit to an extensive training program designed and implemented by the Infinitude Multisport Coaching team - this will help you be physically & mentally ready for the Trimaster Challenge event for the month of October 2022. Here are some details:

  • Training starts in October 2021 utilizing an optimized triathlon training system called TriDot
  • 12 x monthly contributions of at least R3000 are required based on the package you select, this will include:
    • Weekly optimized training programs
    • Monthly Trimaster athlete coaching calls
    • Monthly baseline assessments
    • Monitoring of weekly progress
    • (Optional) Coastal 'scouting' trips and/or training camps to train in the conditions you will be experiencing
    • Note: monthly fees will be utilized for event expenses, training programs & accommodation during the event
  • Registration fee of R1 500 - you will be invoiced by Infinitude Multisport Coaching and get started on TriDot once this is settled
  • Should you choose to 'drop-out' for any reason, you acknowledge a full forfeiting of funds contributed as 'Donations' for which you can request a tax certificate
  • Active promotion of the Trimaster Challenge event both in preparation and participation thereof

For Sponsors

  • Our engagement with you will be based on your individual or organizational objectives
  • Sponsorship contributions are as indicated below:
    • For Individual Sponsors:
      • Tier 1 - R1 000-R4 999
      • Tier 2 - R5 000-R9 999
      • Tier 3 - R10 000-R29 999
      • Tier 4 - R30 000-R69 999
      • Tier 5 - >R70 000
    • For Corporate Sponsors:
      • Tier 1 - R10 000-R29 999
      • Tier 2 - R30 000-R69 999
      • Tier 3 - R70 000-R149 999
      • Tier 4 - R150 000-R299 999
      • Tier 5 - >R300 000
  • This will be determined by a personalized, contractual agreement between Trimaster Corp. NPO and you or your organization
  • There are only 10 available spots for sponsorship - 5 for individual sponsors and 5 for corporate sponsors
  • Apply below

For Donors

As a donor, we appreciate every contribution and know you want your hard-earned money to go to the right places!

Here's how our donations are handled:

  • 1% - Advertising & Marketing Fees
  • 1% - Organizational Fees
  • 1% - Coaching Fees
  • 1% - Accommodation (incl. food) for event period
  • 15% - Trimaster Corporation NPO for research & development, as well as overhead expenses and additional initiatives
  • 80% - Partnering Charity/Non-Profit Organizations

This means that 95% of all funds raised goes to Non-Profit or Charity organizations. The latter 5% is utilized for the purpose of facilitating the event, local business stimulation and a more physically & mentally healthy South Africa!

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